Buddy Schwimmer has been involved with the dance community almost his entire life, from public appearances on TV and movies and competing professionally to teaching and training students, particularly children and young adults (including several members of his family). He owns and teaches at TDC (The Dance Center) in Redlands, CA, and previously at 5678 Dance Studio.

Public Recognition:

Multiple movie and TV specials, including American Bandstand, American Graffiti, Big Band Ballroom Bash, Bill Russell RV Specials, Dick Clark Road Show, Wolfman Jack Road Show, Shebang, Where The Action Is

Supports the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

California Swing Dance Hall of Fame

World Swing Dance Council Hall of Fame

Fun fact:
“Buddy Schwimmer and Sylvia Sykes (Hall of Fame 2002) competed against each other on the TV dance show Shebang”

Dance Biography:

Known as the “King of Swing” and “the man with a thousand moves,” Buddy Schwimmer was an active competitor for many years, winning over 2000 competitions. In his early days, he danced and competed with his sister Harriet. He was involved with or appeared on a variety of TV shows or movies in a dancing capacity from an early age.

Buddy teaches full-time, including ballroom and multiple swing styles (WCS, East Coast Swing, Balboa, Lindy, Boogie, Jive and Rock & Roll). He choreographed a dance for slow ballads and developed the dance Night Club Two Step. While also traveling to teach and judge, he trains world and US champions and choreographs over 30 routines a year. Buddy was also event director of the World Swing Dance Championships.

Buddy is well-known for his dance training with children and teens. He is owner of The Dance Center, which offers classes to kids ages 2½ years to adults. He was the first dancer in his extended dance family, and is the proud father of two great dancers: Benji Schwimmer, America’s Favorite Dancer from So You Think You Can Dance (Season 2) and Lacey Schwimmer, So You Think You Can Dance (Season 3 contestant) and Dancing with the Stars Professional Dancer. He also created a swing training program for college students and supports the Amateur Athletic Union.

Personal statement:

“My goal has always been to keep the beauty and style of swing alive. That is why I work so hard training young people, because the young people today will be our teachers of tomorrow. If I could get a swing dance program in every school and college throughout America, I would do it!”