Lynn Vogen was a lifelong Southern California dancer and teacher, who was dedicated to teaching all ages, especially kids. Her (and her studio’s) motto was “Dance to Express, Not to Impress.”

Public Recognition:

World Swing Dance Council Hall of Fame

Fun fact:
“Dance to Express, Not to Impress” came from Lynn Vogen.

Dance Biography:

Lynn Vogen was a Southern California dancer and teacher, specializing in swing and hustle. She danced her entire life “with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face.” She started dancing as a child in ballet, tap and jazz before moving into partner dancing.

She danced competitively, placing second in the Classic division at the US Open Swing Dance Championships with Larry Kern in 1984 and 1987 and with Lance Shermoen (2002 WSDC Hall of Fame inductee) in 1991. She remained a fixture at the US Open, whether as a competitor, choreographer or coach.

Lynn was part of the Golden State Dance Teachers and their troupe in the 1970s. She taught at the Skippy Blair Studios, before opening a studio with partner Buddy Schwimmer (2006 WSDC Hall of Fame inductee). She later opened her own studio, teaching jazz, ballet and tap in Orange County. She inspired young people to take her “Kids Only” swing classes. Lynn taught all the partner dances, but her specialty was swing and hustle. In addition to dancing, she taught singing and acting at her dance studio. Her studio motto was “Dance to Express, Not to Impress.”

Lynn was a performer – doing an endless variety of shows at the Skippy Blair Studios and musical theatre at her own studio. Lynn’s musical theatre plot and story lines were priceless – children and adults who were part of those musicals have precious unforgettable memories courtesy of Lynn.

Lynn’s lifelong dedication to teaching swing dancing to children is a legacy that we all enjoy today, since many of today’s top dancers studied with her as children.


Lynn will be remembered for her love of color, music, fine cuisine and laughter. Lynn passed away in August 2006.