George Sullivan was born in Augusta, Georgia and moved to NYC Harlem when he was 13.

George started dancing The Lindy Hop with his ex-wife, Sugar Sullivan, entering the Harvest Moon Ball after she broke her finger and was abandoned by her partner. They won the Ball in 1955.

He was one of the best dancers at the Savoy in the 1950’s and in the Savoy Manor era after that. George became one of the great Savoy Ballroom Lindy Hoppers, who with Sugar was known about ‘lightning speed and smooth style of dancing’, and as Sonny Allen puts it: ‘Nobody couldn’t touch George in his prime in dancing’ and ‘this

gentleman danced like he was gliding across the floor’. Also, Sylvan Charles, an avid Savoy

Ballroom social dancer from the post-World War II period, has stated how George Sullivan was his generation’s idol in the same way than Frankie Manning was the earlier generation’s idol.

George and Sugar danced on the Ed Sullivan Show twice. They also performed in NYC with the Dorsey Brothers.

George was dedicated to ‘passing it on’ and after George and Sugar stopped dancing together, he started to train kids, including 23 other dancers to win the Harvest Moon Ball; many whom went on to dance with the Mama Lu Parks company. Many of his students remember how George took them into the corner and taught them to dance. George was known as a demanding teacher with zero tolerance. When asked, how George feels about all those Harvest Moon Ball champions he trained, he said that he did that for kids. George is known as a humble man who hided when those Harvest Moon Ball wins happened. He did not make a number of himself as the mastermind of those wins. His former students still love him and praise him as The Master of The Lindy Hop.

George once stressed, “It is all about rhythm. Everybody out there in your dance: When you walk, you dance, it’s just when you put something with it, when you are on the floor and enjoy.”

George now resides in Miami.

(Credits: AuthenticJazzDance “A Great Weekend In Harlem”; M Batiuchok)

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George Sullivan