WSDC is not accepting new event applications at this time.

Non Registry Events must apply a minimum of 6 months prior to running the Trial Event.The Trial Event must be run within WSDC Rules as if it were a WSDC Registry Event (3 day event, Hotel Ballroom That is Open to everyone (not a local or regional event), contests per our Requirements for structure and staffing and scoring, etc.) that are of sufficient size, scope and structure to warrant WSDC Registry Event status may apply to be a WSDC Registry Event, and have its future event’s results entered into the WSDC Competitors Registry. Events may need more than one year of history to be of sufficient size and scope and to determine it's viability, to apply for Registry Event status

Existing member event owners desiring to add an additional Registry Event shall also (in addition to the event having its minimum one year of history) demonstrate a minimum level of size/scope in their initial Registry Event, of having a minimun of one hundred twenty (120) WSDC unique Jack & Jill skill level competitors, and have a minimum of three (3) WSDC Jack & Jill divisions, to be eligible for applying for an additional Registry Event.

An event is approved as a Registry Event with its specific Promoter, for a specific Time Frame, for a specific Location, based on its specific Structure/Staff/Offerings/Activities, etc., as demonstrated by its minimum year of history. Any changes to any of those criteria may require an event to have another year of history, to demonstrate that the next mix of criteria are viable.


Key Staffing: Please provide a list of the contest staff: