Note:  You do not need to join the WSDC to get a WSDC competitor ID number.  You can sign up for your Jack and Jill contests without an ID number.  Once you earn your first point, the database will assign you a WSDC ID number.

Event Competitor Surcharge Fees

WSDC Registry Event Competitor Surcharge Fees

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Fee per Competitor: $1
Total Competitors
World Swing Dance Council Registry Events are required to collect USD $1.00 surcharge for each Competitor entered in all divisions of a Jack and Jill competition that we track or record points for. Please confirm in the comment box to the left the full name of the event you are paying for, and when checking out be sure to change the quantity to equal the total number of Competitors in your event in WSDC Registry divisions.

Annual Membership Dues

Professional Organization

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Enter the name of your event

For individuals, Clubs, Businesses and Professional Dance Organizations who are hosting competition events are approved as a WSDC Registry Event.  The annual dues are USD $200. Each additional Registry Event after the first is an additional USD $100 and should be paid in the section listed below..

WSDC will pay the PayPal transaction fees when you make your online payment.

Note: It is important that you enter the name of your event in the box provided.  If you are late paying your annual membership dues, your event will be charged late fees.

Penalty Fees

WSDC Registry Event Penalty Fees

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If you submit your results too late or got a penalty, please use this form to pay.

New Registry Event Application Fee

See the WSDC Registry Event Application Page
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A $50 application fee is due when you fill out the event questionnaire form and request that your event be reviewed by the WSDC Board.   This payment is taken on the Event Application Page once all of the requested information has been filled out.


The WSDC gratefully accepts any Donations that anyone wishes to give. Your gift will support our on-going efforts in the support and growth of swing dancing. As a modest token of our thanks, we will absorb the PayPal costs for your donation.