World Swing Dance Council Registry

You do not need to join the WSDC to get a WSDC competitor ID number. You can sign up for your Jack and Jill contests without an ID number. Once you earn your first point, the database will assign you a WSDC ID number.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

My lastname has changed. How can I change my entry?

Please send an email to [email protected] and explain your case. Please don't forget your WSDC-ID and the reason, why your lastname has changed.

My points from the last events are missing. What should I do?

Please check if others of the event got their points. If not and it's over 7 days, then please ask the event-director. Otherwise send us and email to [email protected].

I have 2 WSDC-ID - what should I do?

This can happen, if you forgot to tell your WSDC-ID during a competition-registration. If that happens, please send us a mail to [email protected] so we can merge your entries.

My name has an Accent, but it doesn't appear in the registry

The points registry only saves transliteral english names, so they can be used worldwide. Some Scoring softwares offer you to use your real name in addition at the event. Please check that, if you want your correct name on the marshalling lists, awards and video titles.