FAQs for Competitors

Q: I need to change my name in the Points Registry database. How do I do that?
A: Email [email protected]. Provide your name as it is currently listed in the database, your new name, WSDC #, and reason for the name change.

Q: I placed at an event and my points are not recorded in the Points Registry database. How can I follow up on that?
A: Events should send the WSDC their competition results within 3 days. Your results should be posted within 7 days. If it’s past that date, please email [email protected]. Provide your name, WSDC #, Event name, your placement and division.

Q: I was in a final but did not receive any points. Why?
A: Not all finalists receive points. It depends on the size of the contest (for that role). Please see the Registry Points Rules for more information (

Q: I competed in Jack & Jill and my partner and I came in fifth. My partner was awarded points, but I was not. How come?
A: Points are awarded based on the size of the contest for that role. Please see the Registry Points Rules for more information (

Q: I’m a new competitor and I placed in the Newcomer / Novice division. How do I get my WSDC number?
A: The event will send its results to the WSDC. Once the results are uploaded, the database will assign you a WSDC ID number. After it is automatically assigned, you can find your number here You should use this number when you register for future competitions.

Q: I have two dance level icons listed under my name (e.g. “Nov or Int,” “Int or Adv”). What does that mean?
A: You qualify to dance in either of those levels. You may choose the level you feel most comfortable dancing that weekend. Note that after you make your choice, you may not change skill levels (in that role) at that event. Please review the Registry Points Rules for more information (

Q: Why does WSDC track Masters?
A: Points for Juniors, Masters and Sophisticated are tracked for historical reasons, in order to capture data, and to recognize accomplishments on these contests.

Q: Why isn’t there a required number of points for Newcomers to move into Novice?
A: The Newcomer division is a special division for people who are new to WSDC Jack & Jills, but it is not offered at all events. When you are a new to competing (as a leader or as a follower), you may choose to enter either Novice or Newcomer, where it is offered. Note that after successfully making finals and earning any points in either Newcomer or Novice, you will be required to move up to Novice for future contests in that role. You can choose to dance in Newcomer again in the other role where it is offered until you earn a point in that role. You can see if you have any points by looking up your name in the WSDC database here Please always read the event’s rules too, to be sure you enter the correct division.