Prelim Scoring Announcement

The WSDC Board announces the standardization of prelim scoring callbacks to ensure fairness and minimize inconsistency between contests. The WSDC Board supports the philosophy that Alternates are the equivalent to a high No vote by judges, not a low Yes vote. A single Yes “outweighs” two (2) Alternate votes.

The following point values must be assigned to judges’ callbacks in preliminary contests:

Yes = 10

Alternate 1 = 4.5

Alternate 2 = 4.3

Alternate 3 = 4.2

No = 0

All scoring systems used at WSDC Registry Events must use these values. The outcome for callbacks must be determined by the sum of the values.

Effective date: January 2020


  • Scoring systems should not use more than 3 levels of Alternates (i.e., no Alternate 4).
  • At their discretion, the Chief Judge may ask judges to use only Alt 1s or Alt 1s & Alt 2s instead of all three levels of Alternates, for any specific contest. In larger contests, if more alternates are desired, the Chief judge may ask for two or more Alt 1s, Alt 1 & Alt 2s, or all three levels of Alternates.
  • In the event of a tie, the Chief Judge continues to break ties.

WSDC Board of Directors