Remote Community Building Tips and Suggestions

We hope that everyone is remaining safe and healthy, with many areas opening up from shelter in place restrictions. Dancing continues to be a high risk activity, so we wanted to share ideas that support our local dance communities remotely. These suggestions are already implemented successfully … we’re sharing this to cross-pollinate and keep everyone engaged.

A group of female WCS professionals throughout the world, led by Brandi Guild, brainstormed these ideas on how to keep our local dancers engaged, aside from online “group classes.”

Social-related ideas (general and dance-related):

  • Separate FB group for your students to keep them connected with each other
  • Reach out to your students, especially those who have dropped out
    • Call them on your daily walks
    • Send a video message and ask them to share a video of themselves practicing
    • The goal is – make sure they know you’ve thought about them…they matter!
  • YouTube viewing party (open discussion and input from pro) (Good low-risk opportunity to ask students to “bring a friend”)
    • “Why is this WCS?”
    • “Journey of a champion dancer” (watch their growth)
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Town Hall meetings
  • Social hours (Good low-risk opportunity to ask students to “bring a friend”)
    • “We miss you” happy hour
    • Happy hour
    • DJ cocktail party
    • Saturday afternoon pajama party – casual chit chat with music, some dancing
    • Dinner party
    • (General) Share videos, discuss the good and the bad…
  • Live-streamed improv comedy shows (with pre / post Zoom chat)
  • Movie night
  • Cooking hour / group
  • Game night (e.g., Pictionary, Charades, bingo)
  • Book club
  • Sharing ideas:
    • Show and tell / Getting to know you (e.g., musician does an online concert)
    • Solo movement videos expressing emotions through dance
    • Beautiful fun videos
    • Daily dance breaks (e.g., Baya Voce)
    • Challenges – e.g., abs (abdominals) challenge, silly challenges, “bring a friend”
    • Newsletters
    • “Breakout” small groups (e.g., 3 people) are an effective way to build community  – use them with any of the other ideas listed above! (Zoom link:
    • “Joke and Jill”
  • Charitable event for donations to support a covid-related charity

Class-related ideas:

  • Line dances (or other choreo):
    • Specific technique-based (e.g., footwork, foot action, rhythms, body isolations)
    • General (does not need to be WCS-based)
    • 8 counts each week, with stated goal of dancing the full 32 count pattern as a team in the future
  • “Shadow dancing” – visual lead by leader / follower response
  • Conditioning classes / non-WCS exercises (e.g., yoga, pilates)
  • Reduced cost / suggested donations for classes / multiple levels of fees (no judgment! Everyone’s life situation is different)
  • Shift priority to chatting / check in with short drills – just to keep everyone connected


The team also acknowledged how difficult and emotionally exhausting creating and delivering online content can be, and provided a few suggestions to help:

  • Pros could work together (e.g., create a monthly calendar and rotate teachers; ask fellow pros to “drop in”)
  • Be mindful of space as you’re teaching. Show adjustments for them to practice in small vs large areas.
  • Be mindful of moves that require a partner, since not everyone has someone to practice with.
  • Be mindful of when you’re explaining a concept vs when you want students to practice it
  • Keep your lessons at the same date / time to maintain a sense of normalcy
  • Realize that your students miss you too! Share your love for them…
  • Accept that you may not be able to convey as effectively online as you do in person
    • Record your content so you can share it with your students (they don’t absorb as well online either!)
  • Don’t worry about your lack of perfection, be human

Finally, Health Coaches Without Boarders ( was suggested as a free individual & small group coaching option for those in need. It is not dance-related, but a great resource.


WSDC Board of Directors

Permission granted by Brandi Guild. Ideas shared during a Women’s WCS Professionals meeting in April 2020 and expanded in discussions on Facebook.