Carlito Rofoli of Tustin, California

Like many people who “danced since they were a kid,” Carlito’s dance passion took him dancing up to seven nights a week, making him a fixture in the LA dance scene – particularly at the “King’s Table” (becoming the “Pressbox” in the mid-’70s.) When competing, he considered himself a Jack & Jill competitor, competing at the champion level for several years. He began teaching in the early ’90s, and around ’95 he faded himself from competitions, becoming a judge for many events. Carlito is known for helping virtually anyone who asked and has often volunteered his services, particularly for new events. When asked about his dance career, Carlito replied, “I’m here to have fun, and glad to help anyone whenever I can. I’m proud to say that, even when I was “big time,” I’ve always been accessible to other dancers and pride myself on not turning anyone down.”