Lynn Vogen of Santa Ana, California

In 1983, Lynn opened “Lynn Vogen Dance Studios” where she taught thousands of students. Her love of the dance and creativity in teaching inspired many people and her youthful joy in life brought both inspiration and a positive influence into the lives of many young adults. Lynn built a legacy of teaching, “Dance to Express – Not to Impress.” Every year she choreographed, taught, and produced two theatrical performances of both children and adults dancing. With a limited budget, she combined ample creativity and resourcefulness to create many fond memories for both the participating performers and the audience. Lance Shermoen became involved in the early 80’s. Together, they created the highly energetic and athletic routine, “Band Stand Boogie” that was performed at each of Lynn’s shows and at the US OPEN during a span of sixteen years. Lynn will forever be remembered through all she touched. (June 6, 1949 – August 29, 2006)