Links Pages & Dance Servers
The National & New England Swing Dance Server Huge site with lots of good info and links.
Atlanta West Coast Swing Dance Links Page Another good source of links and info
Raper’s Dance Corner “The largest site on the web related to swing dance.”
Swing Shift in Sacramento Dance network
The Northwest Rhythm Network Info for the NW
Boston’s Dancenet Boston, New England & surrounding Area.
St. Louis Swing Dance Happenings A current events page by Harold & Cathy
Calendars and Articles Calendars, Articles, Clubs, Links: A Site ABOUT DANCING by SwingCha
Arizona Swing Dance Server A comprehensive set of links
New York Swing Dance Server Lots o’ links!
U S Dance Eric Jilot
Washington DC Swing Dance Server Up to the minute…
Skippy Blair Dance Instruction
David Katz Dance Instruction
Music and Dance Productions Debbie Ramsey-Boz
Any Swing Goes Swing/Big Band Music Web ‘Zine
Music for Swing Dancing Focus on Lindy
Flying Splits Web Page A lot of movies of dancing
Dance Calendar Super Resource!
Wanna Dance Records DJ Dan Mez
The Swing Thing Events in the LA area
5-6-7-8 Dance Magazine Barry Durand’s Magazine
Greg Parmerton’s DJ Music Excellent site with a whole lot more than music…