The “New Dance Normal”

Below is a brief summary of the “New Dance Normal” webinar(s) conducted by Simon Girard, a member of our dance community. We have also included links to the webinars and his Facebook group where you can access the presentation, Communication Strategy, Marketing Book and Action Plan.



What people want post covid: 

  • Safety
  • Solid organization to commit to 
  • Cheaper if possible 
  • Authenticity



  • Update your brand not to sound detached 
  • Start posting again to work on the mental map (be top of mind)
  • Keep dancers needs in mind 
  • Use the “new dance normal” to stay fresh 


ACTION PLAN: (System for management of Events and communication) 

  • The plan: what are we doing
  • The team: who is going to help
  • Marketing: how / what we communicate


The plan: Scenario planning with key actions & communication 

  • Use a scenario system (clearly define different scenarios) 
  • Identify internal /external communications & actions required for each scenario
  • Provide a clear vision 
  • Example of local re-opening: Everything is shut down -> local outdoor groups (10 people) -> local outdoor groups (25-50 people) -> indoor groups OK (10 people)  -> indoor groups (25-50 people)
    • This would align with a slow reopening for local dances


The team: Build a crew / network that will help you share / spread your information

  • Be transparent to that team about your goals and actions. 
  • Group 1 ; Directly involved with you ( the entire board) 
  • Group 2 : Locally active, community leaders
  • Group 3 : External leaders ( event directors ? ) 
  • Group 4 : Facebook Groups


The communication : SAFETY and HEALTH / solid events and leaders / community 

  • Convey and emphasize your message (e.g., safety is key component of our events)
  • Create tool with calendar
    • Keep track of messages sent, to whom, when sent, how


Different members of the dance community and their roles:

Event organiser (upcoming events): Create trust about your event. Install safety procedures ASAP. Install reimbursement procedures asap. Communicate a lot about both. Resume ticket sales and give regular updates about event status. Keep dancers in the loop

Event organiser (cancelled): Stay top of mind, post useful or entertaining content regularly. Support your local events and events that supported you in the past. Start installing safety procedures, be part of the community, it will pay off later.

Community organiser: Create trust about your dances, install safety procedure ASAP, communicate a lot about it. Keep dancers in the loop. Encourage SAFE social interactions, get the dancers on their feet again.

Dance professional: Show yourself, show who you are, get personal. Your part is a key element. People crave social interactions. You can provide this. Go LIVE doing anything normal, dance a lot online, share the community movement. Don’t focus only on selling.

Dance studio: create trust about your studio, install safety procedures ASAP and communicate about it. Build a dynamic schedule that will adapt to the pandemic. Keep dancers in the loop. Encourage SAFE social interactions, get the dancers on their feet. 


Webinar videos: 


Facebook Group: with access to the Presentation, A


The WSDC wishes to thank Simon Girard for hosting the webinars and creating these materials for the dance community.