Usage of WSDC Name

The World Swing Dance Council provides services and information to the swing dance community.

Professional Members, Associate Professional Members, Gold Members and Friends of the Council may all use the term “WSDC Member” or “Proud Member of the World Swing Dance Council”. World Swing Dance Council may either be spelled out (upper and lower case) or abbreviated as WSDC (all upper case letters, no periods).

The WSDC maintains a Competition Registry, awarding and tabulating points for placing or making the finals at Jack and Jill competitions. The results of Jack and Jill competitions at events that meet the following requirements are included in the Competitors Registry:

  1. The event’s sponsoring entity is a Professional Member of the WSDC.
  2. The event is a three (3) day event.
  3. The event is open to anyone, on a national level.

Events that meet these criteria may use the term “WSDC Registry Event” (not “WSDC Sanctioned Event” or “WSDC Event”) in their promotional materials.